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When making a purchase at URLBase.de, we will collect your contact information, which includes name, address, e-mail address and phone number.
Use of Cookies
URLBase.de uses cookies for various reasons, e. g., cookies enable URLBase.de to track information during the domain-registration,  sign-up process and your purchase. These cookies do not track individual information. Information we may track includes:
    * Your Internet Protocol address
    * Browser version, computer operating system
    * Number of links you click within the website
    * State or country from which you accessed the site
    * Date and time of your visit
    * Name of your´s Internet service provider
    * Web page where you came from when visiting www.urlbase.de
    * Pages you viewed on the site
URLBase.de utilizes this information to make each visit more rewarding for you, and to provide us with information to help improve our services. URLBase.de does not know the identities of our visitors.
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